About Us

About OgbongeFriends.com

Ogbongefriends.com is a revolutionary Online Community platform dedicated with a strong desire to create an Online friend seeking community to connect Nigerian people of like minds online, who may later meet offline in a comfortable non-judgmental environment for the purpose of integrating our culture, making best friends, networking and creating dates from events. It is designed for all including users of the iPhone, Android smart phones and aimed at becoming the largest social network for meeting people in Nigeria and by and large, Africa.
It is just a casual way to hook up with people, as you do in school, church or on the street, however, in this case we make the world move faster and easier. You can like someone from the shadow of your handset and wait to see if he or she likes you too, and Wow, you become friends.
We have created a new world here. What started out as platforms to chat whilst contending with fake profiles has shifted to a social network where you can confirm those photos through videochat. Imagine! You even make money whilst having fun.
Ogbongefriends is not for Sex but for Adventure. With the Howaboutwe feature, which lets you propose a date idea and then hooks you up with people who want to do the same thing. Of course if you go to a social event, you've got the opportunity to find a Guy or Chick, but with Howaboutwe, you find one prepared to accompany you before even stepping out of your home. Meeting & making new friends has never been easier or more enjoyable than with OgbongeFriends, the No.1 PLACE to meet best friends.
Our IP locator tool plots your location in Nigeria with others around you on a geographical map in real time, and lets you control the distance and set results to match your desired preferences. From here you can view a user's profile, photos, like them if interested, woo them with gifts and send messages. If you are lucky and they are online and consent, you can Videochat.
With Videochat, you can share real time events and occasions with your friends and loved ones even though you are thousands of kilometres away.
You can even earn money here while having fun, as you acquire points every time you log in and invite friends as well as earn points when visitors visit your backstage album. All these along with gifts from friends and admirers which you can redeem for points, you can cash out by using our Redeem Points for Cash link. This is a social network where you can earn cash whilst having fun.


I wanted to send some urgent photos to my brother in the US and what faster way than to snap the wedding occasion and off they went to him real time, and then he called on video chat and talked to everybody including the new bride, Titi, my latest sister-inlaw
When I met my boyfriend for the first time, we just chatted and had so much in common we ended having a video chat and how handsome he was
From looking through photos and videos to live video chats, I was able find a partner who I can hook up with and share my intimate fantasies.