Published on : Feb 08, 2016 11:31:39 | Posted by : Eka

The leadership and members from the Nigerian Labor Congress, the Trade Union Congress and other Civil Society gatherings, are right now organizing a protest in Abuja over the 45 percent increase in power tariff. While tending to his members, President of NLC, Aliyu Wabba, said the increase was unsuitable;

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“From 14 Naira per unit to 28 or 26 Naira. This increase is outrageous. When it subsists this time around, be sure that it will continue and the exploiters will continue to exploit us. This is the message that we are taking to all these agencies. We are also going to the National Assembly because they are the true representatives of the people. They feel our pulse and they represent our various constituencies and therefore they must stop all these by making laws that will actually protect the people. Law should be made to protect the people and not encourage exploitation. The increase is going to affect manufacturers, medium and small scale enterprises and even consumers. Every consumer must be provided with meter because people should be able to pay for what they consume and not to pay for darkness"he said.

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