Published on : Feb 08, 2016 11:36:48 | Posted by : Eka

Certainties have risen up out of Niger State expressing that a cleaner earns N375,000 each month.

This was uncovered amid the continuous check of the state workforce on how government paid top authorities twofold their salary and the inflation of junior officials' pay rates are expanded for the sole purpose of looting government treasuries.

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According to leadership, a messenger at the Ministry of Finance earns N265,000 month to month, while sources near the verification firm, Sally Tibbot Consultants said that no less than three permanent secretaries in Niger State civil service earned over N1.3 million month to month as against ‘between N400,000 and N500, 000′ that they are entitled to.

These permanent secretaries apparently procure more from their "consultancy" job to another government agency which guarantees that their pays slams to about N1.3 million month to month.

“The irony is that some of the said permanent secretaries were members of the committee set up by the government to guide the consultants in the ongoing verification exercise,” the source revealed.


Leadership investigations revealed further that the cleaners who earn about N375, 000 are not supposed to earn more than N30,000 each monthly.

At the Veterinary Department in the Ministry of Agriculture also, a man who took cows for grazing got a minimum of N375,000 as his salary instead of N23,000.

Reports say when the junior staff, when confronted, denied collecting the said money, rather, they claimed that their names were being regularly used by senior officials to divert the said amount as they collect their actual salary monthly.

Fear has reportedly gripped a ring of top officials in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) who ran the scam with the names of the junior officials after their names were revealed by the consultants.

Only last week, facts emerged that about 23,306 federal civil servants have been marked down by the federal government for thorough investigations and possible sanctions for allegedly defrauding the government of millions of naira every month through an organised salary fraud.

The Punch reported that some banks would also be called to answer questions over their alleged role in the huge scam that has seen fraudulent payment of salaries to either ‘ghost’ workers or payments to multiple accounts of civil servants.