Black Friday: Online shoppers express distrust of Nigerian e-commerce platforms

Published on : Nov 23, 2018 09:57:45 | Posted by : Anayo Moses


Nigerian online shoppers have expressed their distrust of e-commerce platforms offering Black Friday deals.

Monitoring the black Friday conversations on social media, most Nigerian online shoppers revealed lack of trust, as they believed many e-commerce companies offering Black Friday sales were doing so simply to boost their sales without really offering great discounts to buyers

A tech blogger, Wale Ladipupo said the concerns of customers were reasonable since the major platforms had given online shoppers several reasons to be suspicious of their Black Friday deals.

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He also mentioned cases where Black Friday prices of products seen online were significantly higher than the price of products in stores.

However, in spite of these concerns, major Nigerian e-commerce companies have continued to announce bigger sales each year and they’ve made Black Friday sales a month-long event.

We’ve had situations where prices of products are jacked up few days before Black Friday only for the added amount to be removed and they say that was a great Black Friday deal.