See What was done To Man Caught Doing it Public With A Lady

Published on : Aug 09, 2018 10:05:15 | Posted by : Anayo Moses

A passerby angrily confronted a man as he caught him having sex with a lady in front of cricket-playing children in broad daylight.

The couples were seen having alcohol-fulled sex on a cricket pitch in Roundhay Park, Leeds, in front of youngsters taking part in afternoon sports on Sunday.

In the video below, the passerby was seen confronting the couple and slapping the man multiple times after police failed to show up ontime to confront the pair. 


According to Mail Online, parents were disgusted by the couple's actions and called 999 at least five times before the passerby intervened and interrupted the couple's steamy session at the city centre park. 

On Monday, Officers admitted that they did not arrive until 46 minutes after they were called.

By the time police arrived at the scene at 1.55pm, the couple had left the park. 


But a West Yorkshire spokeswoman said: 'Officers saw the suspects’ vehicle and pulled it over. A woman was arrested and has been reported for summons for driving while over the limit and is due in court on August 24.

'Inquiries remain ongoing into the incident at Roundhay Park and witnesses continue to be contacted. Each call is prioritised based on threat, harm and risk to the public