Why this pretty entrepreneur was forced to sleep outside by Client

Published on : Jan 24, 2018 11:08:11 | Posted by : Ifeanyi

This story which has since gone viral on social media was the narration of a young entrepreneur at the bad experience she had in the hands of a client.

She stated that she was made to sleep outside with her stafff after she finished working for a client outside Lagos - The story has to do with what etrepreneurs unergo when it comes to running a personal business, where one encounters lots of ups and downs. The young lady who is a caterer shared her own experience in Lagos. Adepeju narrated how she was contracted for a job which was outside of Lagos State and she had been assured of an accomodation, but however on getting to the location , the accommodation was not provided and the client refused that they would cleep in the house and so she and her staff slept in an uncompleted building.


Writing on instagram, Adepoju shared a photo of herself sleeping outside in the dark .and she part of what she wrote: "fast foward, we got in and sat for 30min to relax before we bring all our equipment down. madam came out and said she can't allow us cook in her compound, that she has an uncompleted building around the conner,, which is one of her properties, that we should move all our stuff there, I said OK ma no problem,, we moved there, 7pm 8pm 9pm until 10pm dey brought one generator to give us light to work and pump water, nah my work nah weytin I go do,, we finsh every by 12,30am time to sleep because tomorrow is another working day for us,, called madam she said we will be sleeping in the uncompleted building,, with Bush Bush Bush everywhere,, I scream Jesus oooooooo,,, she said because she can't allow us stranger sleep in her boys quarter or in her compound,, tears drop down my eyes,, I walk around the place with our driver to look for opc around and pay them to come stay with us, no one was available,, went on my knees and started praying with all my workers wath will I do, my father is not Dangote or Bill Gate, am hustling so I will acpt it that way, I said OK let us tell stories and be gisting till 4am they all laugh and said madam good idea oooooooo main while I was already falling from the chair because I was really tired, I just sight one lron bench I quickly lydown on it like this on the floor where different insects wey crawling with grass and alot was going Tru my mind as poor man pikin wey I be nah.. I said all is well e go better one day... Dear customers please treat entrepreneurs like human we are not animals we working to make means, we not working to flash on Instagram, pity our hustle and support us